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One thing kept coming up in my mind as I sat her and played this:

"What the HELL am I playing?" And you know what? I'm glad Iplayed it.


Graphics - Good, not the best in the world, but not the worst. +15
Instruction clarity - Nonexiistant, but not too hard to figure out.. +16
Effects and Gameplay - Great, though the bullet travels a bit slow. +18
Plot - Not said, but Space Invaders' gamers would quickly figure it out. +15
Audio - Decent. +20

Ovewrall: 74/100


Improved in many ways from Miami Shark. The gameplay is better, hitting the eat command puts much less strain on my hands, and I caught the Newgrounds (sailboat emblem) and the SteveIrwin reference (pull down the croc jet), but there are still a couple of things that I don't understand:

1. Why are there only 165,000 or so people in Sydney when that nuke hits? It doesn't seem fitting for a city of Sydney's size.
2. Why does it repeatedly give me achievements after I've already unlocked them?
3. The undefined message is back, but with less frequency than the other game.

Also, is it just me or does the above-water music sound a whole lot like Power Rangers?


Now I have a game I can go to when I'm pissed off...

By the way, was that propane trailer a reference to King of the Hill?

Just so you know

the "dancing saw" bug is back - it appears after you bandage and then go to the Deathwish-brand whiskey.

Nice name for the stuff, actually.

Now, on to the review:

The gameplay is great, although I think the disclaimer should either be bold or bigger, and the execution is also excellent. Keep it up!


One of my favourite games that I could never find on the Internet (I forgot the name) and still fun.

One thing, though, if you search for weapons after you get the AK47 you'll find a Barrett antitank rifle (I don't know what model)


I loved it, but the only thing I could find wrong with it was that the game was a bit short.

But I liked the addition of the supplementary cursor to show what you were comparing. Hope you come out with a 7 (or whatever number the next one will be=)

IT's decent.

But the only problem is that this game's like trying to have its cake and eating it. It's one or the other - either have your cake (lose the sponsorship requirements for other features) or eat it (and lose the advertising). (This is the thing that's making it a 6 instead of a 10.) I know of a cheat-code website that makes all the maintenance on the advertising ALONE, and if you go with the 'eat the cake' option, you'd lose a lot of money needed for said upkeep, and if you go with the "have the cake" option, it'd rid the game of the annoying advertisements.

Otherwise reviewing, it's an addictive game, and should be checked out.

Great game.

Personally, this could be the best Pliskin I've played... apart from those seventeen minutes trying to find the red emblem.

Which is in the bell.

That you break by activating the blowtorch after you drain the pool.

After you set up the counterweight and get the clock moving.

Also, press "r" to show more information.

Excellent game

The way to win is work him in different jobs 'till you find his favorite job, then when you get enough money, buy a desk, then a book. Make him read "Working Harder" four or five times daily, and then save up eenough to buy a computer, shelf, plant, television, toilet, rug, wastebasket, and banket. You'll find clues by clicking around the room whether or not your cursor changes to show a hyperlink, then emailing that to the governer.

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