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Leaves some things to be answered.

This is by far the lowest rating I've ever gave Krinkels, only because this left too may questions to be answered:
Was it Sandford or Deimos that died? How did the two find Hank? How did that one guy know what to do with the machine? Why did the duo have to be split? Will the dead guy from the duo ever walk the earth again?

Can you REALLY kill Jesus?


Well, this automatically deserves a 10, but for a breakdown:

Graphics +20 Perfect in almost every detail.
Audio +15 Decent, although the weapon sounds did not necessarily match up - ie using an AK47 noise for a P90
Effects +20. Stunning.
Plot +20 Everything needed was there.
Music choice +20 Everything fit.
Weapons choice +50 Contained several of my favorite guns, including the P90.


Alcohol makes you stupid.

And the evidence is this: At the end, he FORGOT THE ICE.

Like I said, alcohol makes you stupid.

Now, aside from the moral of the story, the execution of this was very little short of perfect. Every detail was planned out with perfection, and the only flaw was the arms were drawn a little too thick. I loved the guy wearing a lampshade, and what he was doing, I loved how they slurred "Hey, macarena", and I liked how he replaced the word "booze" with "party". ("I can get more party for the booze!") The scenes how he helps people by driving drunk were interesting ("Gimme your purse, you dumb b***h!" "Look out!" *thud* "Thanks!) The part at the store was good, how he kept trying to scan that six-pack, but it was on its side, and when he got home was a great cliffhanger. ("OH, SHIT!!!!.......I forgot the ice!")

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One thing kept coming up in my mind as I sat her and played this:

"What the HELL am I playing?" And you know what? I'm glad Iplayed it.


Graphics - Good, not the best in the world, but not the worst. +15
Instruction clarity - Nonexiistant, but not too hard to figure out.. +16
Effects and Gameplay - Great, though the bullet travels a bit slow. +18
Plot - Not said, but Space Invaders' gamers would quickly figure it out. +15
Audio - Decent. +20

Ovewrall: 74/100


Improved in many ways from Miami Shark. The gameplay is better, hitting the eat command puts much less strain on my hands, and I caught the Newgrounds (sailboat emblem) and the SteveIrwin reference (pull down the croc jet), but there are still a couple of things that I don't understand:

1. Why are there only 165,000 or so people in Sydney when that nuke hits? It doesn't seem fitting for a city of Sydney's size.
2. Why does it repeatedly give me achievements after I've already unlocked them?
3. The undefined message is back, but with less frequency than the other game.

Also, is it just me or does the above-water music sound a whole lot like Power Rangers?

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This is excellent, kinda sounding like one of the tracks from Magnetism 2 (by Glaiel, of course) but far catchier.


I rarely come down to the Audio Portal, and when I first came here, thia was on the front page. When I heard it, I immediately added it to my favorites.

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